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“3.6.71” is an economic justice campaign managed and led by Make It work Nevada. It is named in honor of the women of Operation Life who shut down the Las Vegas Strip in 1971 in the name of welfare rights for poor mother’s in Nevada. In many ways, the same inequities, disparities and challenges persist today for the women and families we work alongside. However, our central goal with this campaign is to see that all Nevadans have a fair share of economic benefits and resources.

The Inspiration For Our Campaign

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Our mission is to change the way we think, talk and react to changes in the economy so that it creates an expectation of economic fairness for working families.

To that end, we are committed to bringing greater economic fairness to the women and families we organize alongside and all Nevadans; by demanding more economic resources from the businesses and government entities that are fueled by our friends, families and neighbors.

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To fundamentally change our economic system so that working families share in the economic growth of this country and are protected from economic devastation in future crises.

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